Design Thinking projects

  • Interact with TimeInteract with Time
Redesign the way you experience/ interact with time
Prof. Scott Klemmer
Online Class for CS 147 (Human Computer Interaction) Fall 2012
'Talk to me' is an idea developed to address the need of a user by redesigning the way the user interacts with time. The user I have identified after talking to many people was a 48 year old housewife. When she goes to workout, she likes to have a companion. That way she wouldn't get bored or tired. When she goes alone, she carries a watch just to keep track of time by looking at the watch frequently. For addressing this need and drawn insights, I designed a product which keeps speaking to her based on the topic she selects. The initial prototype of this was built in balsamiq and after testing with users, next version was built as HTML pages to potray the basic concept. To view the prototype, please click here.
  • Nordstrom NavigatorNordstrom Navigator
Redesign the retail shopping experience
Prof. Molly Wilson, Prof.David Janka
Class project for ME 377 (Design Thinking Bootcamp) Fall 2012
Nordstrom Navigator is a product designed by a team of 4 for NORDSTROM. NORDSTROM consulted us to redesign the retail shopping experience to attract more millenial age (25-35) customers. We started off by interviewing shoppers in the store, outside various other stores, in malls and many other places. From these users we selected one millenial user and designed a solution. This user finds asking for help very inconvenient and spends hours and hours in big stores to spot the required item. This need was common to many users and in particular we observed that, it was dominant among male millennial users. A prototype of the product interface Nordstrom Navigator shows the directions to the things the customer wants to pick up. The developed solution 'prototype' was tested in Nordstrom and the response was positive. Finally, the idea was presented to Mr.Eric Nordstrom the CEO of Nordstrom by building a space which simulated the atmosphere of the store at dschool, Stanford. To view a short clip showing this concept, please click here.
  • Omni-POmni-P
Redesign the experience of the museum,without the museum
Prof. Molly Wilson, Prof.David Janka
Class project for ME 377 (Design Thinking Bootcamp) Fall 2012
OMNI-P is an idea developed by a team of 4 while working with a non-profit organization SFMOMA (San Francisco museum of moder art). SFMOMA would be closed for two and a half years starting June'13. During this period they did not want their customers to be disappointed. They consulted us to suggest a solution. OMNI-P was designed to create the experience of a museum without a museum. After inteviewing people in and out of SFMOMA, we designed a solution for a user's need. The user was an art student, for whom SFMOMA was an experience. Our solution OMNI-P(omni present) is a biweekly presentation of art in a digital form by projecting art on to huge buildings all along a street of San Francisco. To view the prototype and its testing phase, please click here.
  • Pet AdoptionPet Adoption
Redesign the experience of pet adoption
Prof. Molly Wilson, Prof.David Janka
Class project for ME 377 (Design Thinking Bootcamp) Fall 2012
Pet Adoption requires not only a lot of commitment but many more qualities. This is an individual project to understand the pet adoption experience and to design a product to make the experience better. The need was identified after talking to various people with pets, from small kids to people above 60 years of age. After brainstorning over the inputs obtained from the empathy a particular user's need was chosen and a product was designed for him. The need was to be able to take care of the pet even when his work hours are long or he is travelling. To address this I designed a chain with a special locket made of a material which felt like that of the pet's fur. This locket when rubbed will give the pet a sense of patting, and a mobile app showing the position of the pet with respect to the house coordinates. To view the prototypes and the empathy work, please click here.

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