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Mihitha Nutakki
I am a Data Scientist, working on some of the interesting problems at Schlumberger Ribound Product Center in France. After my Graduate Studies at Stanford University, I ventured out into the Product Development Space for a year in Houston and worked on designing new concepts for an evolving set of needs. While my passion and admiration for the field never mellowed down since my projects in my undergraduate years in India, my outlook towards application of Artificial Intelligence in Product Development has maneuvered my path towards my current role.


Autonomous Board Game Orbital Sumo
RC Boat Book Reader


pet adoption SFMOMA
Nordstrom Navigator Interactive Time


Sudoku QuizBook
Named Entity Recognition Simple

After my stints in the 'Valley' and 'H-Town', it's the 'City of Light' this time. I am overwhelmed with the things to explore here. The beautiful Seine, lovely Museums and the lively streets are awe-inspiring. New culture, new language and new experiences - Life is good!

  • Best Undergraduate Thesis Award (2011)
  • Institute Merit Prize (2011)
  • Winner, Annual Robotics at Shaastra, IIT Madras (2008)
  • FE simulation of wear for metallic materials
    Mihitha N, Gurunathan C, and Gnanamoorthy R
    International Journal of Applied Engineering Research '11
  • Data Analytics Engineer, Completions (2014-Present)
    Schlumberger, Clamart, France
  • Mechanical Engineer, New Product Development (2013-2014)
    Schlumberger, Rosharon, USA
  • Teaching Assistant, Stanford University (Spring 2013)
    ME 309: Finite Element Analysis in Mechanical Design
  • Teaching Assistant, Stanford University (Winter 2013)
    CS 223A: Introduction to Robotics
  • Teaching Assistant, Stanford University (Spring 2012)
    ME 309: Finite Element Analysis in Mechanical Design
  • Software:
    Algor, Altium Designer/Protel DXP, ANSYS, AutoCAD, Balsamiq, Creo2.0, Pro-Engineer, Solidworks
  • Programming/Analysis:
    Python, Hadoop, Java, C, C++, HTML, CSS (intermediate), SQL(intermediate), MATLAB, SCILAB, Simulink, Assembly
  • Microcontroller/Microprocessor:
    Freescale MC9S12E128, Freescale HC12, 8051, 8085, 8086, PIC16F690

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